Food Recognition

Food AI

Food AI image recognition technology utilizes convolutional neural networks and deep learning to identify thousands of food categories.

Food Photo Recognition

Upload a food photo and instantly
get detailed nutritional information

Packaged Goods PhotoRecognition

Food AI is able to recognize
packaged goods by image alone.
No barcodes required

Full Nutritional Insights

Each item has detailed macro and
micro nutrients with different
serving sizes

International FoodDatabase

Food AI is able to recognize a
wide variety of cuisine from
around the world

Localization Support

Get your results in 15+ languages
including Spanish, French, German,
Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and

Perpetually Improving

With every use Food AI becomes
more accurate

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Samsung Rally Welldoc Prenetics

Diabetes Diet Management

Glucose Buddy

Help users discover how their diet affects their BG. Take action to lower their A1c.

Easy Tracking

Meal IQ uses food recognition
technology to make logging food as
easy as snapping a photo

Understand Meals

Discover how your meals impact
your blood glucose

Food Grades

Get actionable feedback on your
meals and how they affect your blood glucose

CGM Support

Meal IQ supports CGM devices such as
the Dexcom G5/G6 and allows automatic
import of blood glucose measurements

Predictive Model

With time, Meal IQ will learn your
physiology and predict how the food
you eat will affect your blood glucose

Printable Reports

Get printable reports that can be
shared with your medical professional


Health Tracking Platform

Azumio 360

Connect with Azumio 360 API to provide
your users the ability to import their sleep,
heart rate, activities, food journal, and more.

Activity Tracking

Track steps, workouts, running,
and over 100 other activities

Heart Rate

Instantly measure heart rate
using only the camera on a
mobile device

Sleep Analysis

Get insights into sleep quality,
duration, and more with our sleep
analysis system

Body Weight andComposition

Track trends in changes to body
weight and body composition

Detailed Fitness Workouts

Our workout tracker allows users
to record over 2700+ unique home
and gym exercises

Diabetes Tracking

Track glucose, A1c, and more. Get
access to our A1c estimator

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Stanford Ucsf Virgin Pulse ZTE Nike

Diabetes Biomarker

Instant Diabetes Test SDK

A novel biomarker for Type 2 Diabetes based on PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) data and Machine Learning.

Simple to use

IDT is a non-invasive biomarker
for diabetes that can operate on
any iOS or Android smartphone

IDT Accuracy

Specificity and sensitivity of the
IDT biomarker matches the Fasting
Plasma Glucose method

Science behind IDT

Research studies recently published
in Nature (linked to article) link
PPG heart pulse data to Diabetes

Tracking progress

IDT scores could be used to
track progress of Type 2 diabetes


Calorie Mama AI

Harness the leading food
recognition system

Food Photo Recognition

Upload a food photo and instantly
get detailed nutritional information

Comprehensive FoodDatabase

Get full nutritional information
for over 5000 unique food items in
7+ languages

Perpetually Improving

Food AI becomes more accurate
with every use

Easy Diet tracking

Log a food item with as few as
3 swipes

Meal Plans

Make dieting easy with our curated
meal plans and healthy recipes

Track Calorie burn

Track your steps and exercises to
get a complete picture of your
calorie needs



Instant Heart Rate

Get your heart rate with your

Measure Heart Rate

Simply place your finger on the
camera and our heart rate algorithm
will determine your heart rate

Stress Test

Take our stress test to get a quick
read on your stress levels

Insight Reports

Get a monthly heart rate summary
with our printable insight reports

Track Your trends

See how your heart rate changes
over time



Fitness Buddy

Make the most of your workout
with Fitness Buddy

Quickly Log Your Workouts

Put away your pen and paper and
quickly log and store all your

Workout Creator

Experience dynamic custom
workouts built just for you

Meal Plans

Get on track to achieve your
weight goals with our collection
of healthy meal recipes

Workout Plans

Workout plans provide scheduled
workouts to help you reach your

Home Workouts

No gym? no problem! Get access to
our workout player and stay fit
wherever you are




Track diet, fitness, and more! All
in one application

Ultimate Cardio Tracker

Record a wide variety of cardio
exercises and get detailed
information on distance, speed
and more


Argus syncs with a variety of
wearables as well as the full
collection of Azumio applications

Calorie Tracking

Use our extensive food databse
or add your own items


Join a challenge and compete with
your friends to see who does the
most walking

Track Your Body Composition

Combine Argus with our Bluetooth
scale and you can automatically
record your body weight, body fat,
and more

Join the Community

Share your fitness achievements
with our highly supportive and
motivated community


Sleep Time

Sleep Time

Wake up rested with our
sleep phase alarm clock and
sleep analyzer

Sleep Smart

Sleep time wakes you up in your
lightest sleep phase so you always
wake up feeling refreshed

Sleep Analysis

Get a detailed analysis of every
sleep session

Insight Reports

Printable monthly insight reports
help you track your sleep trends


Fall asleep to the gentle sound of
the waves, rain, and more


Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy

The most reliable diabetes
management platform for
over 10 years!

Manage Your Diabetes

Track blood sugar, insulin,
medication, food, and more

Estimated A1c

Get an estimation of your A1c
based on your blood glucose

Insight Reports

Printable monthly insight reports
help you track your trends

Access Anywhere

Access your data from desktop,
mobile app, or tablet



Instant Diabetes Test

A novel Type 2 Diabetes biomarker.

Simple but not simpler

Non-invasive biomarker for diabetes
that can operate on any iOS
or Android smartphone

Ease of use

Easy to use from the comfort of your
home without any additional devices.
It is therefore accessible to anyone,
anywhere and anytime

In the palm of your hand

Instant Diabetes Test (IDT) uses high
time-resolution PPG signal taken from
a person's finger with a smartphone camera


IDT test provides a probability of
having Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes