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How it works?

Sleep Time provides insight into your sleep patterns by tracking your level of movement throughout the night.

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Place your phone in your bed.

Sleep Time analyzes how you sleep.

Wake up in your lightest sleep phase.

Understand your sleep

By tracking your level of movement throughout the night, Sleep Time generates customized sleep data in easy-to-read charts.

Sleep Time
#typical Night of Sleep

You’ve just started Sleep Time and you’re getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Sleep Time detects slight movements as you adjust to a more comfortable position in between sleep cycles. Your body stops movement during your deepest phase of sleep.

Sleep Time

Although the user went to bed at 10pm, because she was jetlagged, it was difficult for hear to maintain regular sleep cycles. She spent a good portion of the night awake, and in light sleep.

Sleep Time
#disrupted Sleep

User drank a caffeinated beverage before bedtime (takes about 1 hour to fall asleep). User gets little deep sleep and wakes up twice during the night. User wakes up early, feels very tired even after sleeping for 8 hours and takes a long time to get out of bed.

Smart alarm

Wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase.

Sleep Time learns how you sleep and wakes you up gradually during your lightest sleep phase, leaving you feeling refreshed, never drained.


Falling asleep may be difficult if there are constant noise distractions around you. Soundscapes simulate a natura environment and help you drift quickly asleep.

Gentle Waves
Gentle Waves

A quiet breeze and gentle waves lapping around ancient volcanic tide pools.

Rain Forest Storm
Rain Forest Storm

A wet and drippy sound of a New Zealand forest during a mild rain shower.

Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves

Big pounding waves on the high seas crashing against the shore.

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Sleep Insight Reports

Sleep insights is a comprehensive report into your shut eye. Find patterns between your sleep and other variables in your life.

Sleep TimeSleep Time

Bed time & efficiency

Staying up late past your normal bedtime can hurt your ability to fall asleep. Know how late you can work and still maximize the efficiency of your sleep with sleep insight.

See what people are saying about Sleep Time

4.7 out of 5
4.9k ratings
by Andrius Ordas – May 15, 2020

Its great

It helped me to get back to normal schedule, which i struggled to do for half a year now.

by mikeywaygalaxy – Dec 15, 2019

Truly amazing

This alarm app has made 5 hours of sleep feel very energizing when you wake up. I’m convinced it can do the same for 3 hours of sleep as well.

by j.mcc14 – Nov 3, 2018

Been using this app for years

I’ve been using this app for years and have found it to be the best by far. I love the sleep sounds and the multiple choices for the alarm in the morning.

by Ojai17 – Oct 11, 2018


Have used this for at least 3 years. Never woke up groggy! Made this school bus driver happier to go to work.


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