Consistent Weight Loss Explained

The slow-and-steady approach to weight loss may be the way to go.


By Azumio, Inc.


How do you lose weight effectively and maintain the weight you want? This is a question that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. However, the answer is simple and it is to stay consistent in your efforts. You should not expect to achieve your goal quickly without effort because a drastic change in your weight requires a drastic change in lifestyle. It may be difficult at times to continue especially when you are not seeing immediate results, but you have to believe that drive will pay off in the long run.

Staying consistent is important when trying to achieve any goal, especially a fitness goal because consistency encourages muscle growth and endurance. You should make sure to carefully plan a schedule that is consistent but also right for your current level of fitness. It is important to realize that an irregular schedule will not bring significant benefits and working out past your current level of fitness can result in injury.

Allow yourself the time to ramp up and get used to working out before starting any advanced programs. As you build up your fitness level, start making your workouts more and more difficult to avoid stagnating. By consistently increasing the difficulty of your program, you are essentially forcing your body to adapt positively which will result in weight loss and muscle tone.

As many of you already know, running programs are a great way of losing weight. If you are having trouble keeping a consistent running schedule, one great way to keep yourself accountable is to make plans with friends to go on a run. This way, you will be able to keep each other accountable as it is definitely harder to cancel on someone else rather than just canceling on yourself. Running with a friend is a great idea simply because it will make the run much more enjoyable.

Another way to help your weight loss is to monitor what you are putting into your body because “you are what you eat.” Try to avoid processed foods which provide nothing but empty calories and track the amount of macronutrients you intake on a daily basis. You should stick to complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and fibrous foods to keep your hunger satisfied for a longer period of time, making it less likely for you to eat excessively.

During your journey to develop and maintain a consistent workout habit, find the program that is right for you. If you are having trouble finding the perfect program, feel free to look into the Running to Lose Weight application which has multiple programs that you can choose from.

Weight loss is not an easy goal to achieve, but if you give it enough effort, it can significantly change your mood, health and overall quality of life for the better. Last but not least, changing your life to be healthier should not be a short term goal but an attempt to change your lifestyle so enjoy the process as well as the results. Good Luck!

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