Lose the Holiday Weight

Try these 5 triathlon workouts to shed the holiday pounds.


By Beth Shaw


Ah the holidays, a time for family and friends to get together and … EAT! Yes, we all do it; we binge during the holidays, even though we say we won’t. It’s hard to avoid all of the extra sweets and starchy foods hanging around. If you find yourself having an extra tough time holding back, you can implement some of these higher intensity triathlon workouts to help burn a few extra calories.

1. Treadmill Turkey Burner

3 minute warm up at conversational pace

Increase the grade to 7.0

Run 10K pace for 30 seconds then jump your feet to the sides (straddle the belt)

Rest for 30 seconds, increase the speed by 0.5 MPH

Jump back on and run for another 30 seconds

Repeat the process above until you can’t run any faster to complete a full 30 seconds

Give yourself a 5 minute cool down jog

Remember, you can always push a little bit harder…that’s the only way to help get rid of the mashed potatoes!

2. Bike Trainer Belly Buster

On your bike trainer (or outside) warm up for 10 minutes

Gear your bike into a heavier resistance and pedal hard for 2 minutes

Take a 2 minute recovery spin

Repeat the 2 x 2 ten times through

Allow for a 10 minute easy spinning cool down

3. Say Goodbye to Calories Swim

Warm up with an easy 10 minutes of swimming laps

Grab a kickboard and kick one lap fast and hard, rest for 30 seconds and repeat this kick set 6 times through

Ditch the kickboard and swim one lap as fast and hard, rest for 20 seconds and repeat this set 6 times through

Repeat the kickboard set one more time and repeat the swim set one more time

Warm down with an easy 10 minutes of swimming laps

4. Cookie Calorie Burning at the Track

Take your run to the track and start with a mile warm up jog and some dynamic stretches

Run 4 x 30 second strides

4 x 400 at mile race pace with easy 200 jog in between

Cool down with a mile jog

5. Spin the Sugar Out Cycling Intervals

Warm up on your bike for 15 minutes keeping the revolutions (RPMs) high

Cycle at high RPMs for 5 minutes fast

Recover with easy spinning for 2 minutes

Keeping the RPMs high, repeat the above 7 times through

Cool down for 10 minutes

Beth is a running and triathlon coach from Florida who began her journey through health and fitness as a high school swimmer. After leading an unhealthy lifestyle while in college she made changes to get back in shape. Since then, she's completed numerous marathons and triathlons and finished her first full Ironman in 2014. She's also a freelance fitness writer and blogger. Her passion is fitness in all forms, though she enjoys running and swimming the most, and she believes in doing what makes you happy and healthy.

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