Top 3 Benefits of Group Fitness Training

Training in a group gives you the extra encouragement you need to get up and be active.


By Lauren Weiss


Group fitness classes offer individuals an opportunity to try out a new type of movement or learn a new skill with others. Group fitness classes can vary in size, duration, and type of movement, but each type provides gym-goers with multiple benefits. Check out these top three reasons to try a group fitness class!

Group fitness classes offer a built-in support system

Finding the motivation to stick to a workout routine can be difficult if you’re working out by yourself. It’s easy to opt out of a workout when there isn’t someone (or a group of people) expecting you to be in class. This creates an external form of support and motivation and can help push you to stick to your workout routine.

The coaches and other students that regularly attend class are often focused on achieving similar goals and look to others to help keep them accountable. Including group fitness classes into your routine with the same group of people will not only make taking the classes more enjoyable, but will provide a built-in support system that can help motivate you to stay on top of your fitness-related goals.

Group fitness classes provide opportunities to learn new movement-based skills

Learning a new movement-based skill can be a lot of fun, but most movement-based skills require instruction and practice to learn and master. With the abundant types of group fitness classes available, it’s easy to find classes that allow you the opportunity to learn a new skill. Whether it’s salsa dancing, olympic lifting, or kettlebell swings, there are a wide range of group fitness classes focused on specific types of movements that allow you to learn new skills safely.

Group fitness classes are often more cost effective than private training

Private training has many benefits, and many individuals prefer the guidance and attention that private training offers. However, due to the one-on-one four and attention, private training is, in almost all cases, the most expensive option of fitness instruction. Group fitness classes provide individuals with an opportunity to learn a new skill with others, while still receiving instruction and guidance from a fitness professional. Group fitness classes range in size and cost, and provide many options depending on your budget, your comfortability working out in small groups versus larger groups, and the amount of guidance and individual attention you’re looking for from an instructor.

Small group fitness classes (less than 15 students) can be more expensive than larger group fitness classes, but they offer the opportunity to have more individual guidance from the instructor. Whatever your needs are from group fitness training, you can often find the size and type of class that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Group fitness classes are available at big box gyms (such as 24 Hour Fitness) and small boutique gyms, so it’s important to do some research to find out what’s available in your area. Many places offer introduction deals to new students to allow you the opportunity to try out their classes and determine if they’re the best fit for you. Websites like Yelp will offer you honest feedback about these classes and can help narrow down your search. Regardless of what type of group fitness class you choose, participating in group fitness can offer you many physical and mental benefits.

Lauren Weiss is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based out of Long Beach, CA. She specializes in kettlebell training and unconventional workouts and has been working with both types of fitness for over a year. Lauren has her BOLT Kettlebell Sport Certification through the USA Kettlebell League and has expertise working with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and several unconventional fitness tools. Lauren received her BA in Journalism and uses her writing expertise to craft thought-provoking articles about trending fitness, health & wellness topics. Follow Lauren on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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