How to Run Your Fastest 5K Turkey Trot

Here are 4 key workouts that will allow you to speed up and gain those miles.


By Beth Shaw


We are already well into November so it’s time to get cracking if you want to run your fastest Turkey Trot! Assuming you can comfortably run three miles at this point, you’ll want to focus on getting in some speed work and a couple of runs longer than three miles. Below are four key workouts that can get you there!

The “Long” Run

In order to get the endurance portion of your run down pat, aim for a run of four to five miles. This will help with the last mile of your Turkey Trot 5K. It’s important to run this longer run at a pace that’s about 1:00-1:30/mile slower than your 5K goal pace. Add this run in this weekend and the weekend before your Turkey Trot.

Mile Repeats

This run is going to hurt, but it’ll be more than worth it on race day. Warm up with about 20 -30 minutes of dynamic drills and a few strides. Strides are 100 meter runs where you start in a jog, build to 85% sprint, then slow back down over the course of the 100 meters. After you’ve warmed up, run one mile three times at goal 5K race pace.

Rest for two minutes in between each mile. Cool down with a half mile jog or walk. Do this workout once this week and once the week before the Turkey Trot.

Hill Repeats

Find a good size hill and warm up for a mile at a conversational pace before you get to the base of the hill. Then run up the hill hard for 30 seconds. Turn around and jog back down. Repeat this 30 seconds hard up the hill and easy down at least six to seven times. Then run a cool down mile. Complete this workout once the week before your workout. Hill repeats will help build strength that can help push you to that Turkey Trot PR!

End of Race Simulation

In order to simulate that tough finish at the end of the 5K this workout is going to test your limits. Run 20 minutes of warming up – so a conversational pace. Then run a half mile at 60 seconds slower than goal 5K pace. Follow that with a half mile 30 seconds slower than 5K pace.

Finally run your final mile 15 seconds slower than goal pace and try to push the very last quarter to actual goal pace. Complete this run the week before your Turkey Trot.

In between these workouts make sure you are foam rolling and getting ample rest. Also mix some casual runs to keep your legs fresh and ready to go. You will be crushing that Turkey Trot this year!

Beth is a running and triathlon coach from Florida who began her journey through health and fitness as a high school swimmer. After leading an unhealthy lifestyle while in college she made changes to get back in shape. Since then, she's completed numerous marathons and triathlons and finished her first full Ironman in 2014. She's also a freelance fitness writer and blogger. Her passion is fitness in all forms, though she enjoys running and swimming the most, and she believes in doing what makes you happy and healthy.

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