4 Azumio Apps That Keep You Healthy On-the-Go

Follow the example of one of our resident bloggers and see how you can incorporate Azumio apps into your daily life.


By Heather Caplan, R.D.


Summer has a lot of us on the move and out of our normal routine, which may make healthy habits even harder to maintain! There are 4 apps in the Azumio suite, all of which have unique ways to keep your health on track while you’re veering off-course for adventures! 

Everyday starts and ends with sleep, where we're letting the body get adequate rest to recharge and then, ideally, letting our natural circadian rhythm wake us up. But that latter part rarely happens anymore. Add in the stress of travel, and our rest can be seriously lacking. 

I find the  Sleep Time app to be especially helpful during work-travel when I need to be “on” and ready to tackle challenges throughout the day. But it’s just as important for vacation, if I’m planning on enjoying the whole day. I set a window of time for the alarm and let the app wake me up when my body’s REM cycle gives it the okay! 

Morning is the perfect time to check my resting heart-rate with Instant Heart Rate. Your resting heart rate shouldn’t change too much unless you’re changing something about your exercise routine or if you’re stressed or ill. I keep track of my heart on a daily basis while marathon training. I also find it helpful when traveling so I know that my body is rested and not too stressed! 

Fitness Buddy keeps my strength-routine strong even while I’m away from the gym. This app is ready to workout with you anytime of day! I like to use the different workout options for variety in between travel explorations and adventures. You rarely need a gym or specific equipment, but rather can improvise and adjust the settings for a workout that suits just you! 

Throughout the day, I can turn to multiple Argus tools to stay accountable with hydration, moving around (steps!), eating healthy, and all other activities (like Fitness Buddy workouts and sleep). It’s customizable so on certain days I can focus on what’s most important for the tasks at hand - coffee intake, water, mobility, rest, etc. 

It’s not always easy to stick with your normal exercise and eating habits, and sometimes its even great to break out of the norm and experience some new things! Either way, it’s helpful to stay true to what keeps you feeling healthy, fit, and rested so that your body can be up for new adventures. 

Heather Caplan is a registered dietitian and running coach based out of the San Jose, CA area. She’s usually training for a marathon, traveling, teaching or practicing yoga – or all of the above! You can find her life anecdotes or work with her over at